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..and into our Second Century

Burying the Time CapsuleOur 100th year was finally over yesterday, March 3rd and what a year it was. The Time Capsule was buried next to the caboose on Friday, witnessed by a small group of councillors, public works crew and a couple of bystanders. Hopefully more people will show up when it is opened 25 years from now!

The hole was a perfect square, thanks to the city’s vactor truck, and is about 4′ deep. We threw a loonie down first in lieu of a chicken (just kidding), the box went next and it was covered with 3 feet of tamped gravel and a stone slab that will shortly have a plaque attached.

The last of the Centennial Babies’ certificates and photos were placed in the box the day before along with magazines, cards, letters, posters, badges and all sorts of memorabilia from 2012.

This site will now substantially change, becoming a site to promote the sale of our “Quench” fountain all over the world, to schools, institutions and private collectors.