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Light it Up Blue for Autism in Duncan BC

Duncan City Hall was proudly a part of Light it Up Blue for Autism on April 2nd.

cityhall copy

Confucius Statue Honours Chinese Community

confuciusIn the last Duncan Centennial event, a bronze statue of the Chinese philosopher, Confucius was unveiled on October 4th. Donated by the family of Wah Sing Chow, the statue is seven feet high and stands in China Gardens Park on Government Street, close to where Chinatown used to be located.

Family members flew in from as far away as San Francisco and Toronto to be present. A reception was held afterwards at the Cowichan Valley Museum, where there was a special Chinatown Display featured. Some of the items in the display were donated by local families, including an antique stone rice grinder and a Lion Dance mask.

A Site for Quench, The Centennial Fountain

fountain in the snow“Quench,” our Duncan Centennial Fountain now has his own website. Since Quench is made from a mold, we will be able to create up to 25 more versions of him for sale to institutions, universities, embassies and cities all over the world!

These posts will not be as frequent as when this was the Duncan Centennial Page, but we want to keep you up to date on our progress!

Last Post for Duncan Centennial

A nice post-script before this site comes down, is that our first Geocache which was placed early last year and which was the first of ten, has had 205 visitors so far. Only one has “gone missing” so the other nine are still in play.

..and into our Second Century

Burying the Time CapsuleOur 100th year was finally over yesterday, March 3rd and what a year it was. The Time Capsule was buried next to the caboose on Friday, witnessed by a small group of councillors, public works crew and a couple of bystanders. Hopefully more people will show up when it is opened 25 years from now!

The hole was a perfect square, thanks to the city’s vactor truck, and is about 4′ deep. We threw a loonie down first in lieu of a chicken (just kidding), the box went next and it was covered with 3 feet of tamped gravel and a stone slab that will shortly have a plaque attached.

The last of the Centennial Babies’ certificates and photos were placed in the box the day before along with magazines, cards, letters, posters, badges and all sorts of memorabilia from 2012.

This site will now substantially change, becoming a site to promote the sale of our “Quench” fountain all over the world, to schools, institutions and private collectors.

Centennial Totem Celebration a Wonderful Success

What a great day Saturday was. Despite the rain and the mud, over 200 people showed up in the park to welcome our guests from the North Island who had come to celebrate the pole and to honour elders from the five original Cowichan Tribes Families. These pictures are not very good, but better ones will be available shortly.

The event was lighthearted and full of laughter, the food was plentiful and the Pole is absolutely awesome in every sense of the word.

Centennial Totem Arrived in Duncan Today

After a brief detour around town as the diver got a little lost, the truck arrived at the Duncan Public Works Yard around noon.

It had been raining heavily while the truck unloaded the pole onto the pallets, but the moment the wrappings came off, the rain stopped and the sun came out!

Unloading the Totem off the Flatbed

Unwrapping the Totem and the Sun Came Out.

It is missing its Orca Fin and Spirit Guardian Canoe, but those arrive next week.

Remember that the Totem Dedication Event will be December 15th at 1:00 at Charles Hoey Park next to the train station.

Centennial Pole Travelling South to Duncan Tomorrow!

The Spirit GuideThe giant 3½ storey Centennial totem Pole was loaded on the flatbed truck today and early tomorrow morning, it will be making its way down the island in the drenching rain to Duncan.

The pole is wrapped in plastic to protect it from highway debris. The plastic will be removed once it arrives at the Public Works Yard, as it has been painted and oiled and should not be allowed to “sweat.”

The weather forecast for tomorrow is rain, rain and you guessed it, more rain.

They are hoping to be here by noon tomorrow. So if you find yourself walking on Marchmont Rd. just before noon, you may be in for a big surprise.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Tribute

As we come to the end of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, we thought we would share this with you. It is an incredible 3 minute video of the life of an amazing woman. Enjoy

The First Youtube Video of Quench Unveiling

“Quench” is the name of our Duncan Centennial Fountain.

The KWAKWAKA’WAKW honouring chant starts at about 6:30. The first Official Drink was taken by Ken Slade of Drillwell, who drilled Duncan’s first wells 40 years ago.

The dog of distinction is Tony, with handler Cst. Henderson. Tony has found lost children, lost seniors and hunted down wrong doers. We love Tony!