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Last Post for Duncan Centennial

A nice post-script before this site comes down, is that our first Geocache which was placed early last year and which was the first of ten, has had 205 visitors so far. Only one has “gone missing” so the other nine are still in play.

Winner of the Duncan Centennial Geocaching Competition

Congratulations, Lisa Margerison! Have fun spending your 100 Downtown Duncan Dollars!! This was taken today at the Island Spirit Geocaching Event. There were 750 people registered for this international event and they all got to see Lisa win.

10th Cache has been placed and found!

The 10th and final cache has been placed in the City of Duncan. It has been found and people are beginning to send in their contest entries! You can download the form here.Depending on the settings on your computer, you may be able to email it direct using the email button.

If that does […]

7th Cache has been placed and Insane Kane is coming to town

Very exciting news as the organization of events continues. Sandy Nixon and Sheila Taylor-Nixon, our geocache experts, report that the 7th cache just was placed and 8 & 9 will be placed before the 30th. The 10th is on May 30th. After that date, the competition begins! Download the Entry Form here. You can email […]

Latest Developments

The second and third geocaches have been placed representing decade two and three of Duncan’s history. We had initially planned to stretch this out until October, but have decided to speed it up a little so that all caches are in place by July 7th, when the Island Spirit Mega Geocaching Event is being hosted […]

Judges for the Duncan Centennial Song Competition

These gifted musicians have agreed to be judges in our Duncan Centennial Song Competition:

Ray Harvey guitarist and sound engineer; Deb Maike, guitarist and singer; Brian Clark guitarist and singer; Ed Peekeekoot, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and story-teller; James Kasper, musician, singer and organizer of the Island Music Awards.

The Centennial Committee will be meeting on January […]