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..and into our Second Century

Our 100th year was finally over yesterday, March 3rd and what a year it was. The Time Capsule was buried next to the caboose on Friday, witnessed by a small group of councillors, public works crew and a couple of bystanders. Hopefully more people will show up when it is opened 25 years from now!


1912 Penny

Now that in 2012, pennies are ceasing to be produced, we are going to try to find a roll of 2012 pennies to put into the time capsule. Does anyone possess a 1912 penny they would like to donate? Funny story. I went into the CIBC to ask for a roll of 2012 pennies. They […]

Duncan Centennial Site has been “Found”

Hilarious. For a site that has been created to make known our plans for centennial it is getting an inordinate amount of spam. Every day I have to go and delete at least 2. The spammers particularly like the VSO Seniors’ Dance page the best.

Everything from the usual, “Hello! Thanks for your website ! […]

Time Capsule Has Been Ordered

The time capsule has been ordered and is on its way from Edmonton. We have received the first two entries for the time capsule. The first is a DVD copy of ten hours of The 2008 North American Indigenous Games, complete with advertisements, which should be pretty entertaining in 25 years.

Time Capsule

The […]