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Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays

Do not wait for a vampire to make you immortal. Buy a brick or bench in Duncan City Square instead!

What to give someone who doesn’t need anything? How about Immortality??

Buy a brick or a bench with your name, then the name of your friend or loved one will be inscribed into it. […]

Duncan Centennial Site has been “Found”

Hilarious. For a site that has been created to make known our plans for centennial it is getting an inordinate amount of spam. Every day I have to go and delete at least 2. The spammers particularly like the VSO Seniors’ Dance page the best.

Everything from the usual, “Hello! Thanks for your website ! […]

Buy a Brick

Immortalize yourself, your family, your loved ones or your pet by purchasing a personalized brick for City Square. Commemorate a birthday, a wedding or the passing of a loved one with a bench and plaque that people will enjoy for many, many years to come.

Personalized Bricks

As part of our Centennial Celebrations, there […]