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Our Team

The Quench Centennial Drinking Fountain Development Team

Lauren Holman, Peter Lewis, Rande Cook and Richard Gibson

Lauren Holman, Peter Lewis, Rande Cook and Richard Gibson

Peter Lewis, Artist

Peter grew up in South Wales, attended Newport College of Art and Design and received a diploma in Art and Design from St. Martin’s School of Art, London, England. During this period, summer was spent studying and preparing canvases with Salvador Dali in Spain.

In 1974, Peter moved to Edmonton, Alberta. After having numerous one-man exhibitions, in 1978, he decided to take his creative expression to the landscape and The Great Divide Waterfall unfolded. It was completed in 1980 for the 75th anniversary of the Province of Alberta.

In 1981, the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta contacted Peter to represent Canada in a fountain project at the Philbrook Art Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Later that year, he was chosen by Maclean’s Magazine as one of the top Ten Canadians.

Running Water Fountain London Olympics

Running Water Fountain London Olympics

During 1984, he was commissioned by the Government of Canada to design the Umbrella Fountain for the Marine Plaza at World Expo ’86 in Vancouver, B.C. From 1990 to the present, Peter has worked on a multitude of fountains, art pieces and projects, including The Cowichan Tribes Fountain, “Salmon Run,” the Orca Fountain and Bridal Falls Mural in Edmonton, The Chateau Victoria Fountain design, the “Splash” fountain at the 2011 Lumiere Festival in Durham in the UK, the “Running Water” fountain in the 2012 Olympic Park in London and finally, “Quench,” the Duncan Centennial fountain.

Rande Cook, Sculptor

Rande Cook was born in Alert Bay, a small fishing village rich in culture and traditional values, located on Cormorant Island along the north eastern coast of Vancouver Island. While growing up, he and his grandfather observed and discussed the traditional art forms of his culture and he was especially drawn to the ceremonial masks and art of the potlatch.

carving by Rande Cook

Carving by Rande Cook

In 1991, Rande moved to Victoria to attend high school. Consistently drawn to the strong classical forms of Northwest Coast, he studied the styles and form?lines of the different nations, focusing primarily on the northern tribes of Vancouver Island.

Rande apprenticed with master carver John Livingston, who helped open opportunities for him in the world of woodcarving. Rande is skilled at jewelry making, influenced by the work of his cousin Patrick Seaweed and his brother William Cook Jr., who are both jewelers. His own unique pieces, deeply carved and with cut-out forms, maintain the traditional motifs of his heritage.

He recently completed a totem pole for a Museum of World Culture in the Netherlands and we were very fortunate to have him as the sculptor on our team.

Richard Gibson, Casting and Molding

Richard Gibson grew up in Deep River, Ontario and began his life as an artist at an early age. After completing his studies at the Ontario college of Art, he moved to Edmonton where the Provincial Museum of Alberta contracted him to create life sized figures in the Human History Gallery. He also created three monuments for the RCMP in Fort McLeod.

lunch meeting

Early Project Planning Meeting (Richard Gibson on right)

Richard moved to Vancouver Island, where he captures the breathtaking beauty around us in his paintings. He also has produced various sea life replicas for the Royal BC Museum and display models for the Vancouver Aquarium, all the while continuing to paint.

He has been a member of the West Coast Sculpture Association for 19 years as a participant, mentor and instructor, completing works in alabaster, marble and jade amongst other media.

Richard was the mastermind who was able to cut Rande’s sculpture into a dozen pieces in order to create the molds that will be the basis for up to 25 more fountains.

fountain plumbing

Some of the plumbing for the fountain

Lauren Holman

The fourth member of this team is Lauren Holman of L.C. Holman Plumbing Services and Blue Gold Water Systems. He has been in the Plumbing, Pump, Water Treatment and Water Testing Business for over 40 years.

He is dedicated to preserving the public right to quality water.
He built the mechanics, the pipes and the valves, the hoses and the nozzles, the complex sensors, drains and connections to the water source and to the hardware and software “brain” of this fountain located inside City Hall.

Thor Lewis

fountain hardware

Fountain Hardware

The invisible member of this team is Peter Lewis’ son, Thor, who was the engineer who created the software and developed the hardware for Quench.