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Watch the Opening of the Summer Olympics for Cowichan Valley People!

The Summer Olympic Games in London is being graced by three people from right here in the Cowichan Valley!

The opening of the Games will contain a water feature by Cowichan’s very own Peter Lewis, who is the designer of our Centennial Fountain. We are not at liberty to say what it is, but it is going to be a spectacular surprise!

Emily Zurrer represents Canada in Women’s Soccer and Michael Braithwaite will be competing tomorrow in doubles rowing. Not sure what the Zurrer Family is doing to support Emily (probably lots!) but I do know that Team Braithwaite on Youtube is going crazy with dozens of supportive videos from friends and family. They are all wearing the distinctive Braithwaite red and white tshirt with the rowing sculls across the back and the maple leaf on the front. Wow. Braithwaites rock! Go Michael, Go!

And same to you, Emily!

Incidentally, both of them are winners of the Duncan Sports Trophy.